Pinterest is increasingly becoming one of the most notable platforms to help drive your business while having fun pinning. First and foremost, you need to be more creative with the images you choose to use on Pinterest, because imagery is always important when it comes to social media especially Pinterest where half of your communication is through imagery. Thus, having the right image is all it takes to boost your visibility and get a great following to your account.

Here are a few tips to take into account when creating a Pinterest account for your business.

1. Use Descriptive Images – when it comes to Pinterest clear images are key to being noticed. Make your images more descriptive and attention grabbing. If you’re taking your own pictures, take clear distinctive shots that tell a story.

2. Informative – Your images should be accompanied by detailed information that gives the user a clear understanding about that particular image. The more information you provide with your image, the better chances of being repined by other boards.

3. Create Clear Board – Every board needs a name to make it easier to pin and reduce clutter. Don’t over pin items on one board because this may hinder your chances of getting noticed by others, no one wants to look at a board that is poorly organized, and it is also a good idea to rearrange your boards more often to give your account a fresh look.

4. Re-pin – Always remember that repining is another way to boost a following to your account. If someone pins one of your pins, don’t hesitate to return the favor by repining from their board. That gesture alone, is a beginning to building camaraderie with others.

5. Comment on other boards – Comments are a good way to build a connection with other boards/Pinterest accounts. Take the time to comment on other boards and help your metrics go up. Because the more interactions you have with others the more noticeable your board will become, and just like that your business gets a great following.