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I reconcile my yesterday with my today

And continue my quest of life’s new discoveries

In a world covered with traces of winter snow

The night is still, dark, and lurks with shadows of the dead

The air is dry and unkind to the senses

My body longs for sprinkles of rain

It longs for the purity of air to touch my lungs

For my borrowed times are closing in


I dream of the beautiful rainbow up in the sky

Looking down on earth with a biggest smile

Capable of releasing the chains of doubt

Possessed by the heart filled with revenge upon the other

But the rainbow, only the rainbow will breathe kindness to all

Bringing laughter where there was none

And fulfill the cause of togetherness

For my borrowed times near


Today, I propel forward with all my mighty

To find solace in the calm summer rain

Pouring down on my body

Drenching every inch of my body

Still, I stand in reminiscence of the midday summer

Of yesterday when the sunshine sent sparks of heat

All through my joints

Awaking memories of laughter and kindness


Borrowed times are a reminder to cease the day

And live with a purpose to rekindle the heart

Because nothing is big enough to impede my journey

Not even the heat will slow me down

As I reconcile my yesterday with my today

While I march forward to my tomorrow

With a new insight on life

For my borrowed times are on the verge of lapsing



seed       seed1

Today I scattered my dry seeds

All over my little garden

The soil is moist

It breathes with love of gemination

Sending sparks of rebirth into the natural world

From seed to sprout is what tomorrow will bring


The sun shall shine all over the garden

Penetrate life into the sleeping seeds

Engulfed by the dark moist soil

For tomorrow the lifeless seed

Will get out of the shell and sing out

From seed to sprout, I am risen!


The bright sun will send its rays all over the garden

As the trees harmonize the photosynthesis song

There leaves beam with excitement for the moment is here

When the tiny seed joins the world of nature

Then the seed will scream out loud

From seed to sprout, I am alive!




They call it soccer, football

The uniter of all nations

It facilitates diplomacy among nations

It creates friendly atmospheres

Filled with laughter, cheers, and high-fives


The round ball

Crafted with the love for all humanity

That spreads the language of oneness

And enforces peace for all


The uniter

Sees no boundaries

Sees no socio-economic differences

But, only invites neighborly engagements across the board


The uniter

Probes countries to suspend their political disagreements

And shun away from the disease of discrimination

And embrace the beauty of all mankind





Adorned like a flower in a thorny garden

Your undeniable strength shines out to all

Who despair


When the gardens begin to waste out

You permeate your sweet fragrance

And bring stability


You’re the anchor and the source of courage

You shine light to thorny gardens

And bestow freedom to all fragile plants


Shine out, shine out all blossoming flowers

Your time to extricate yourselves has come

March in harmony and lift the lamp of peace

For you will stand as one!


The gates of democracy are open

And your tomorrows will continue to be

As blissful as a calm ocean after the storm


Earlier in March Facebook announced that they were rolling out a new updated streamlined Facebook for business pages. The new designs which were inspired by the new mobile interface will make it easier for users to navigate pages. Here are some of the things to be on the look out:

Left side of pages displays relevant information about your business. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, then you will see the map, phone number, business hours, apps, photos, videos, reviews, posts to your page and the pages you like.

If your business is primarily online then your left column will show: likes, business information, apps, photos, videos, posts to pages and the pages your page likes.

fb pages


Where to view your messages: you have to locations to view messages, the activity tab at the top of your page which is above the cover photo; or you can check your message by going under the This week box that runs along the right side of the page, and on this right side of your timeline all your page’s posts are viewable.

Ads: You can now view information about the ads you run on your page and all the likes you get, as well as all the notifications and messages from The build Audience menu located at the top of the page and this will allow you direct access to your Ads Manager account

Pages to Watch: As a business it is always a good idea to watch your competition or other businesses that inspire you. With Pages to watch, Facebook allows admins to create a list of pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their page with that of the businesses they care about.

Stats: The Overview tab of the page insights admins shows you key stats about the pages you have eyes on and gives you an idea of their overall performance.

The Post tab of the page insight, this is where you will be able to view activities of your past weeks most engaging posts from the pages you have been tracking.

These are some of the new features your pages will have very crisp and more easier to navigate. If you haven’t yet taken a tour of your pages make sure you do so. Go to the Help drop down button, it is on the right corner of the page, and once the tour is done Facebook will automatically switch your page to the updated design version within two weeks of the tour.





Drifting off from sleep

My body quivers with fear

My heart pounds like thunder

I’m still disoriented, I ask myself:

Where am I?

Sweat drips down my face

I’m still lost in the nightmares

Of last night’s dream

When my world was swallowed by tiny

Alien creatures


Slowly, I adjust my eyes to reality

Only to find myself in bed

A sigh of relief washes over my face

As I try hard to forget my night mare

I plant my feet on the bedroom floor

And walk over to my window

I stand still to gather my thoughts

While peering through the window

I realize just how beautiful

The early mornings are

They are adorned with magnificent sounds of bird songs

The early morning breeze blows calmly over my face

Shaking-off the troubles of my dreams

In and out, I exhale

As I breath-in the early morning fresh air




glob   global

Global village, born from the intricate of the world-wide web

Your vast pasture feeds every hungry mouth around the world

Global village, you’re like an open book for all to read

You’re the uniter of all continents, all leaders, people, languages, and cultures

And nothing is unreachable to you


Global village, everything done in your terrestrial is seen by all

As the G7 leaders meet in Brussels to discuss Russia’s actions

You let the eyes of the world pry in and take note of every word and action

Because the days of a clandestine world are long gone


They call you Global village, because you’re the umbrella

Sheltering world affairs in one basket

You balance power and keep a sharp eye on tyranny leaders

And shake them down to their feet until they see the lucid eye of the united nations

You bring light to corners covered in dark clouds

And you sing songs of peace to crumbling nations


Global village, you’re the rope connecting all continents in one knot of togetherness

You’re the glue bonding friendships across the web

You’re the sun shining your love across the nations

You’re the hand lifting those who despair

You’re the oyster to every citizen of the world


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