glob   global

Global village, born from the intricate of the world-wide web

Your vast pasture feeds every hungry mouth around the world

Global village, you’re like an open book for all to read

You’re the uniter of all continents, all leaders, people, languages, and cultures

And nothing is unreachable to you


Global village, everything done in your terrestrial is seen by all

As the G7 leaders meet in Brussels to discuss Russia’s actions

You let the eyes of the world pry in and take note of every word and action

Because the days of a clandestine world are long gone


They call you Global village, because you’re the umbrella

Sheltering world affairs in one basket

You balance power and keep a sharp eye on tyranny leaders

And shake them down to their feet until they see the lucid eye of the united nations

You bring light to corners covered in dark clouds

And you sing songs of peace to crumbling nations


Global village, you’re the rope connecting all continents in one knot of togetherness

You’re the glue bonding friendships across the web

You’re the sun shining your love across the nations

You’re the hand lifting those who despair

You’re the oyster to every citizen of the world