Drifting off from sleep

My body quivers with fear

My heart pounds like thunder

I’m still disoriented, I ask myself:

Where am I?

Sweat drips down my face

I’m still lost in the nightmares

Of last night’s dream

When my world was swallowed by tiny

Alien creatures


Slowly, I adjust my eyes to reality

Only to find myself in bed

A sigh of relief washes over my face

As I try hard to forget my night mare

I plant my feet on the bedroom floor

And walk over to my window

I stand still to gather my thoughts

While peering through the window

I realize just how beautiful

The early mornings are

They are adorned with magnificent sounds of bird songs

The early morning breeze blows calmly over my face

Shaking-off the troubles of my dreams

In and out, I exhale

As I breath-in the early morning fresh air