Earlier in March Facebook announced that they were rolling out a new updated streamlined Facebook for business pages. The new designs which were inspired by the new mobile interface will make it easier for users to navigate pages. Here are some of the things to be on the look out:

Left side of pages displays relevant information about your business. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, then you will see the map, phone number, business hours, apps, photos, videos, reviews, posts to your page and the pages you like.

If your business is primarily online then your left column will show: likes, business information, apps, photos, videos, posts to pages and the pages your page likes.

fb pages


Where to view your messages: you have to locations to view messages, the activity tab at the top of your page which is above the cover photo; or you can check your message by going under the This week box that runs along the right side of the page, and on this right side of your timeline all your page’s posts are viewable.

Ads: You can now view information about the ads you run on your page and all the likes you get, as well as all the notifications and messages from The build Audience menu located at the top of the page and this will allow you direct access to your Ads Manager account

Pages to Watch: As a business it is always a good idea to watch your competition or other businesses that inspire you. With Pages to watch, Facebook allows admins to create a list of pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their page with that of the businesses they care about.

Stats: The Overview tab of the page insights admins shows you key stats about the pages you have eyes on and gives you an idea of their overall performance.

The Post tab of the page insight, this is where you will be able to view activities of your past weeks most engaging posts from the pages you have been tracking.

These are some of the new features your pages will have very crisp and more easier to navigate. If you haven’t yet taken a tour of your pages make sure you do so. Go to the Help drop down button, it is on the right corner of the page, and once the tour is done Facebook will automatically switch your page to the updated design version within two weeks of the tour.