On the side line I stand in shock as I watch the fall of human nature
Terrorized with immense fear
I hear men, women, and children cry in disarray
The enemy so malicious that it can take a human’s soul in just a matter of minutes
Ebola virus is the invisible enemy we face today
So merciless as it annihilate anything in its way

On the sidelines I stand as sweat drips down my forehead
I ask: “Is this it my Lord?”

On the sideline
I see man is on his hands and knees
Praying for the end of the wicked Ebola epidemic

On the sidelines I see pits of hell
Pulling lives to the devilish burning fires of Ebola

On the sidelines it dark and cold
As voices that once sang with vigor are no more
Faces that once blessed the face of earth with vibrant spirits, are no more

What now, you worthless Ebola?
Why do you terrorize humans?

On the sidelines, I refuse to remain terrorized
I will gather my strength and raise my fist till your are defeated
It’s only a matter of time, Ebola!
Soon you will be overcome like many other past epidemics