sea vs bron  russ


As I was watching the Seahawks and Broncos game, I suddenly had an epiphany about life lessons we need to take into consideration. First and foremost, no matter what you do, never ever feel comfortable in your position because things can turn ugly at any moment. For example, the Seahawks had a good lead over the Broncos and thought that they had the game all tucked away with only 59 seconds left to play, little did they know that Manning and the Broncos would comeback and send the game into overtime.

Fortunate for the Seahawks, they had to fight hard under pressure to win the game in overtime. Lesson 2: (Perseverance) Perseverance is always a good trait to have, when times get hard don’t fold. This is the time you need to step up and dig deeper and find that inner strength to push through and be the victor in whatever endeavors you have on your plate. To be fair, both teams showed great determination and perseverance, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner in every sport.

All in all, always aspire for more, never settle, rise above pressure, look for more options to spread out your talents, time is never your friend, block out the noise of discouragement, and always think on your feet. These are a few traits you need to succeed in life. Next time you sit down to watch any kind of sport, look for these patterns because they are tantamount to everyday life lessons.

Go Hawks!!!