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According to the NY Times, Benjamin Netanyahu wins the election with astounding numbers compared to his counterparts. My concern about Netanyahu is whether he is willing to bring peace to the region and allow Palestinians to stand alone as a nation so that, they too can enjoy the destiny of a promised land filled with freedom.

Now that the Israelis have chosen to move forward with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it means they believe he has what it takes to bring stability to Middle-East. Moving forward, the world will be watching what kind of positive change will come to these troubled regions.

My hope is to one day see Israel and Palestinians live in harmony and forge their differences.


Once again Egypt stands still as they take to the street to protest Morsi’s decree. The protest has so far turned violent leading to the death of 15-year old boy.

Does this unrest symbolize the awakening of the Arab Springs? Well if the citizens’s rights are impugned upon, they have every right to stand together and voice their opinions. With today’s social media, Egypt you are not alone – the world is watching and definitely Morsi’s gov’t will be pressured by other world leaders to work-out a solution.

Syria’s continued instability has resulted in an influx in the number of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. It is reported that the camps are running out of space at an alarming pace, as a result, this is causing a pinch on the economic system of these countries that are taking in these refugees. The countries include Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq who are trying to figure out what to do with the number of refugees seeking protection. And how can one turn away someone in a dire situation, it is just impossible, these people need help and they need it right now.

As Assad’s fury intensifies, the only logical choice for most people is to get away and seek protection from neighboring countries, where they can feel safe from a devilish government. Most Syrians do not intend to risk their lives by staying in Syria. I mean, who would want to risk their life for a fight that only Assad thinks is sensible, it doesn’t make sense at all.

The people leaving their livelihoods and fleeing to foreign countries has quadrupled. Although the places they are running to are starting to fill-up quickly than anticipated, there is no way to turn these people away. They need protection and the UN needs to look into this issue sooner than later before more lives are lost.

An air of melancholy dwells around Syria as reports of yet another mass killing takes place in the village of Tremseh in Hama province.

According to Aljazeera news, the government forces are responsible for these killings.

Just a few days ago Annan and Assad had talks which they claimed were constructive, how then can the government forces drop bombs on innocent victims?

You can’t solve problems with weapons, but you can solve problems by brainstorming ideas that can be agreed upon by both parties. It is time, for the rebels, Annan, and Assad, to get together and propose a wise solution that will help the country of Syria move forward without deathly conflicts.

Right now what is going on in Syria is devastating. Every day, innocent lives are in danger, and yet the main culprits are hiding behind stupefied agendas of freeing Syria. I don’t know why they can’t admit that their plans are not working whatsoever.

Life is so precious to be exposed to danger on a daily basis, and if Assad and his regime care about the Syrian people, then they can prevent these unnecessary killings.

In this case integration is the way to go, come up with new ideas, because it is obvious the old ideas are not working at all. Thus, all those involved in peace talks need to be tactful as they work towards change.

As the violence in Syria escalates, Kofi Annan relinquished from his failed six-point plan that was intended to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power, to a face-to-face sit-down on Monday morning.

According to Aljazeera news, after the meeting, Annan praised the sit-down with Assad as successful. He described it as “constructive and candid.”

Wow! now that is a first. How can Annan be so naive to trust Assad’s empty promises?

The guy has got tyranny blood running through his veins, and there is no way Assad will be willing to compromise his power-thirsty regime with UN’s ideals that may end up pushing him out of power.

I don’t trust him and I don’t believe he is ready to work with the UN, just thinking that Annan felt the talks went well, makes me cringe.

This is just another game Assad has off his sleeves, drawing the enemy closer in an attempt to gain some favors from the international community. If anything, Assad’s goal is to welcome talks of cooperation that will be beneficial to his government, and like a cobra, he will turn against any promise he made.

The recent elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, ordered Islamist-led Parliament to reconvene. Morsi’s rebut is tacitly directed to the Military forces who are still holding on to powers.

As president, Morsi is using his powers in ad lib to overrule the Supreme Constitutional Court, which in the first place had dissolved parliament because most seats were occupied by Islamists. The whole scene so far is to prove that he is in control and that he can challenge the highest court of the land.

Although most Egyptians are for Morsi, but it is not in the country’s interest to reconvene the dissolved seats.

It almost feels like deja vu again. The country is going from one extremist to the other. Why else, would he want to bring back members of his party?

Watch once he has the majority in the house, then hell will break loose. Things wont be as smooth as most Egyptians are hoping for, the country might face some hiccups if this issue remains unresolved.

Election results still remain a mystery in Egypt. With no confirmation on who the winner is, Tahrir square is again inundated by thousands of people wondering why the results have been delayed.

This huge crowd gathered at the square, is a clear reminder of the inevitable, which could cause unrest among supporters of either candidate. It is imperative that things do not get out of hand, and the only way to prevent that is to tell the people results. They voted and its time to end the mystery.

Whether the winner is Morsi or Shafik, it is the people’s choice and it should not be changed by a superior military power. No one wants to see Egypt go down like Syria.

The revolution paved Egypt’s way toward democracy, and now it is time to see the country flap its wings to a new beginning.

With continual shelling, UN observers’ mission is hampered because of attacks aimed to derail them from doing their work. The six-point plan issued by Kofi Annan, which is aimed to call for an immediate cessation of fighting, first by the Syrian government then the opposition.

Raising safety concerns is UN general Mood of Norway, he feels the observers are at a disadvantage because they are unarmed, and also that these attacks are clearly directed at them by armed groups. Hence going through with the mission, will put his men in danger.

Talks are underway whether the UN mission should be suspended until it is safe to go back again.

Thousands Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to protest the presidential results. Both camps are now claiming to have won the presidential elections, and this has triggered anger among the supporters of either camp.

Mohammed Morsi of the muslim brotherhood announced his victory over the weekend, and now Ahmed Shafik, former prime minister of the Mubarak regime is claiming to have won the presidential elections.

However, it is reported that the actual winner is Morsi of the muslim brotherhood, and if confirmed, this will be the first time Egypt will have an islamist government.

With all the uncertainty, it is safe to say that the winner will be announced to the world and at this moment its not ideal to lean toward one side, but instead wait for the official announcement.


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