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According to the NY Times, Benjamin Netanyahu wins the election with astounding numbers compared to his counterparts. My concern about Netanyahu is whether he is willing to bring peace to the region and allow Palestinians to stand alone as a nation so that, they too can enjoy the destiny of a promised land filled with freedom.

Now that the Israelis have chosen to move forward with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it means they believe he has what it takes to bring stability to Middle-East. Moving forward, the world will be watching what kind of positive change will come to these troubled regions.

My hope is to one day see Israel and Palestinians live in harmony and forge their differences.


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The future of watching television has drastically changed with the arrival of Apple and Google boxes giving consumers the power to enjoy television in a new way. Streaming makes more sense for the consumer because it cuts down the cost of paying high cable bills just to watch premium shows and what not.

Therefore, Apple and Google boxes provides the consumer access to thousands and thousands channels, movies and all things entertainment in the palm of their hand. With that said, cable companies like Comcast are definitely scratching their heads on how to keep their customers and also how to secure new customers with the rise of streaming television being the new fad. To that I say, good luck, because the competition has just proven to be real.



On the side line I stand in shock as I watch the fall of human nature
Terrorized with immense fear
I hear men, women, and children cry in disarray
The enemy so malicious that it can take a human’s soul in just a matter of minutes
Ebola virus is the invisible enemy we face today
So merciless as it annihilate anything in its way

On the sidelines I stand as sweat drips down my forehead
I ask: “Is this it my Lord?”

On the sideline
I see man is on his hands and knees
Praying for the end of the wicked Ebola epidemic

On the sidelines I see pits of hell
Pulling lives to the devilish burning fires of Ebola

On the sidelines it dark and cold
As voices that once sang with vigor are no more
Faces that once blessed the face of earth with vibrant spirits, are no more

What now, you worthless Ebola?
Why do you terrorize humans?

On the sidelines, I refuse to remain terrorized
I will gather my strength and raise my fist till your are defeated
It’s only a matter of time, Ebola!
Soon you will be overcome like many other past epidemics


glob   global

Global village, born from the intricate of the world-wide web

Your vast pasture feeds every hungry mouth around the world

Global village, you’re like an open book for all to read

You’re the uniter of all continents, all leaders, people, languages, and cultures

And nothing is unreachable to you


Global village, everything done in your terrestrial is seen by all

As the G7 leaders meet in Brussels to discuss Russia’s actions

You let the eyes of the world pry in and take note of every word and action

Because the days of a clandestine world are long gone


They call you Global village, because you’re the umbrella

Sheltering world affairs in one basket

You balance power and keep a sharp eye on tyranny leaders

And shake them down to their feet until they see the lucid eye of the united nations

You bring light to corners covered in dark clouds

And you sing songs of peace to crumbling nations


Global village, you’re the rope connecting all continents in one knot of togetherness

You’re the glue bonding friendships across the web

You’re the sun shining your love across the nations

You’re the hand lifting those who despair

You’re the oyster to every citizen of the world





Girl child! You’re not forgotten

The eyes of the world are searching for you

As your captor Boko Haram cowardly keeps you away

From your loved ones, denying you the right to a free education

He puts you in cold dark places and shoves his putrid ideals on you

Forcing  you to surrender your dignity and enter into the dark ages of slavery


The plight of a Nigerian school girl, concerns all the citizens of the world

A denial of a girl’s education, sends ire tremors to the whole world

Because education is the thread that connects the fabric of humanity

It stitches threads of love and care into the fabric of humanity

For every missing girl, taken against her will by the monstrous Boko Haram

The fiend trying to cut through the thread of peace and harmony

But no civilized person will sit back and let him strip the girl’s dignity away


The world joins the mother who cries for her missing girl day-in and day-out

Sending prayers of hope and guidance, until the perpetrator is brought down

A mother’s cries shall not go in vain, her hope shall be renewed by a twinkle star

Shimmering with abundant hope for the girl’s return to her mother’s open arms


Thump, thump, thump, international boots will stump the dusty roads of Nigeria

Lifting sand in the air and thrashing it in the captor’s direction

Blinding his eyes and making him disoriented with no sense of direction

As sophisticated drones of the superpowers  annihilate his obsolete ideals

And crashing them to the ground with a superiority force known to man

In that moment, Boko Haram will face his judgment and his ideologies

Will be cast down into a fiery hole and burn to ashes

Power is such a dangerous thing if the motivation behind it points to selfishness. For instance, the situation between Russian and Ukraine proves just that. Putin, the Russian president, is playing the power card over the Ukrainians, because he is implicitly sending a message to the world that, he too is the big dog in the power players club.

Why exert the use of military force over Ukraine?

Putin, doesn’t want to be told what to do by anyone, especially when if the United States has some say about the matter at hand. It is clear that Putin is simply reacting on impulse and he is trying to show the US that the power is in his hands, and no one tells him what to do. In short, Putin’s reaction is to send a message to the world that he is not a puppet and he has power to do as he pleases. Albeit, Putin’s motive is to actually nudge the US into responding with military forces toward Russia, he is searching for ways to rouse anger from the US government, because that’s what tyrannies are good at.

This is not the first time we have seen Putin react negatively towards the US when it comes to matters that involve military power. If you recall back when the US were trying to stop Assad from his continual attacks on innocent Syrians, Putin actually backed Assad up by sending more weapons to Assad and his regime. Clearly, all this was done to annoy the US and push their limit to see how far they could hold their frustration. Now we are in a similar situation as we bear witness to Putin’s dirty power games.

It is sad that it has indeed come to this, because if nothing is done to intervene Putin’s nonsense,  innocent people will die. This game of thrones need to come to an end, playing with people’s lives is such a cowardice way to approach issues when diplomacy is clearly the way things should be handled. There is a reason why diplomacy reigns, because smart great leaders, will always seek out diplomacy before sinking their teeth into conflict/war.


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