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The future of watching television has drastically changed with the arrival of Apple and Google boxes giving consumers the power to enjoy television in a new way. Streaming makes more sense for the consumer because it cuts down the cost of paying high cable bills just to watch premium shows and what not.

Therefore, Apple and Google boxes provides the consumer access to thousands and thousands channels, movies and all things entertainment in the palm of their hand. With that said, cable companies like Comcast are definitely scratching their heads on how to keep their customers and also how to secure new customers with the rise of streaming television being the new fad. To that I say, good luck, because the competition has just proven to be real.


Rooms by Facebook: First and foremost, what is Rooms? Rooms is a feed of photos, videos, and texts with a topic that describes what will be discussed in your room.

Recently Facebook introduced a new app called Rooms to be a creative force behind those creative minds. The whole idea with  Rooms is to allow users be whoever they want to be and if they chooses to use fake names they can, because in rooms you don’t have to adhere to the constraints of everyday life. When it comes to rooms you can explore your creative mind because it is your space and you have the power to control who you choose to join you in your quarters. Basically you can customize member permission and carry on with your business.

Remember the ironies of communication technology by David P. Nord, that states, “technology is never new as people imagine,” because there’s always precursors. Thus, the precursor for Facebook Rooms is the chatrooms and boardrooms where strangers would talk about various topics and make connections.

Maybe for all you creative minds, lets revisit history and see what we can improve on and make it look so new and appealing!



Earlier in March Facebook announced that they were rolling out a new updated streamlined Facebook for business pages. The new designs which were inspired by the new mobile interface will make it easier for users to navigate pages. Here are some of the things to be on the look out:

Left side of pages displays relevant information about your business. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, then you will see the map, phone number, business hours, apps, photos, videos, reviews, posts to your page and the pages you like.

If your business is primarily online then your left column will show: likes, business information, apps, photos, videos, posts to pages and the pages your page likes.

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Where to view your messages: you have to locations to view messages, the activity tab at the top of your page which is above the cover photo; or you can check your message by going under the This week box that runs along the right side of the page, and on this right side of your timeline all your page’s posts are viewable.

Ads: You can now view information about the ads you run on your page and all the likes you get, as well as all the notifications and messages from The build Audience menu located at the top of the page and this will allow you direct access to your Ads Manager account

Pages to Watch: As a business it is always a good idea to watch your competition or other businesses that inspire you. With Pages to watch, Facebook allows admins to create a list of pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their page with that of the businesses they care about.

Stats: The Overview tab of the page insights admins shows you key stats about the pages you have eyes on and gives you an idea of their overall performance.

The Post tab of the page insight, this is where you will be able to view activities of your past weeks most engaging posts from the pages you have been tracking.

These are some of the new features your pages will have very crisp and more easier to navigate. If you haven’t yet taken a tour of your pages make sure you do so. Go to the Help drop down button, it is on the right corner of the page, and once the tour is done Facebook will automatically switch your page to the updated design version within two weeks of the tour.





Pinterest is increasingly becoming one of the most notable platforms to help drive your business while having fun pinning. First and foremost, you need to be more creative with the images you choose to use on Pinterest, because imagery is always important when it comes to social media especially Pinterest where half of your communication is through imagery. Thus, having the right image is all it takes to boost your visibility and get a great following to your account.

Here are a few tips to take into account when creating a Pinterest account for your business.

1. Use Descriptive Images – when it comes to Pinterest clear images are key to being noticed. Make your images more descriptive and attention grabbing. If you’re taking your own pictures, take clear distinctive shots that tell a story.

2. Informative – Your images should be accompanied by detailed information that gives the user a clear understanding about that particular image. The more information you provide with your image, the better chances of being repined by other boards.

3. Create Clear Board – Every board needs a name to make it easier to pin and reduce clutter. Don’t over pin items on one board because this may hinder your chances of getting noticed by others, no one wants to look at a board that is poorly organized, and it is also a good idea to rearrange your boards more often to give your account a fresh look.

4. Re-pin – Always remember that repining is another way to boost a following to your account. If someone pins one of your pins, don’t hesitate to return the favor by repining from their board. That gesture alone, is a beginning to building camaraderie with others.

5. Comment on other boards – Comments are a good way to build a connection with other boards/Pinterest accounts. Take the time to comment on other boards and help your metrics go up. Because the more interactions you have with others the more noticeable your board will become, and just like that your business gets a great following.

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Social networking evolves with time and it helps to keep an eye on what new apps are brewing up everyday. The following are some of the apps worth checking up:

1. TrackGram – this is mainly for Instagram, it tracks who un-followed you and who is not following you back.

2. Tapestry – now you can instantly post your story on Tapestry and share to Tumblr,  Facebook and Twitter. Use taps, photos, Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs) and text to create tappable stories.

3. BuzzE Social – Travel virtually to almost anywhere in the world and talk with people you meet along your virtual journey. Join live conversations and talk about movies, music, sports, politics and more.

4. Hangtime – Don’t miss out on fun with friends. See your friends’ social calendars by day and by hour and never miss a Facebook event, concert or party again. When your friends are interested in attending the events you get real-time updates as to who is going and who is not interested.

5. TapIt – TapIt social allows you to interact the way social media was meant to be – with people around you! Meet people a truly social sense and get away from your computer and your old way of net working, and make some new friends.




Google+ is a networking service from Google, but it has its own flare to make your online networking more interesting.

If you are a small business, take advantage of all the tools Google+ has available and  make your business visible to potential customers.

Here are some of the things you need to get you started with Google+

Circle – this is where you set up and personalize your own circles, you invite people to your circle – similar to Twitter’s follow tool

Huddle– is a group chat, instead of sending SMS Messages, Huddle can pool them together to make a group chat which is still private to outside viewers

Hangouts – its a video chat and instant messaging

Sparks – a suggestion engine that finds interesting web items based on your interests

Instant Uploads – you can upload photos and your videos direct from your Youtube account or from your phone/pc

Check-ins – You can allow check-ins on Google+, its more like Facebook


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free application for iOS and Android that lets people take photos, apply filters to change the look of the photos and share.

Why should you jump on the Instagram wagon

Well, we all know that the new trend for 2014 is visual and more visual. In order to get the most out of Instagram you need to post fun photos videos that appeal to your audience. You can also invite your followers to post their photos to your business, then repost them to create a sense of community.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when using Instagram for your business:

Profile – when creating your profile, post photos that speak about your brand, include your company logo and add a link to your website where people can read more about your business

Consistency is key – post daily so you are not forgotten by your followers, that’s really the norm with any social media platform.

Hashtags – create a hashtag because this will let you get into a larger conversation with potential followers

Engage – comment and like other posts and in turn they will like you back – this is a great way to win followers

Humanize you brand – share photos of your staff, office, and extracurricular activities – a great way to share your company culture and values with your followers

Be fun and show off your personality – document your work, post candid photos and fun videos – it’s all about being relatable, your followers will like it because for once you are not about your brand

Direct messaging – connect with your followers through direct messaging – a great way to personally reach out to your followers and build a true connection.

Host contests – utilize the hashtag tool to host contests, create an engaging hashtag and ask your followers to post photos to that hashtag and the best photo wins a prize. You can then repost the winner’s photo to your company Instagram

Inspire – post inspirational photos and also ask your followers to do the same – this allows you to build a bond with your followers

Utilize Instagram Videos – post videos about your brand and you can mix things up by posting in between images

Instagram Gallery – add Instagram gallery, its great for SEO due to all the keywords added on photos and constant updates

Statigram – use this great tool to track your statistics, view your own feed and search for photos from the comfort of your computer. You can also examine the analysis to figure out when your followers are most active and which of your posts are performing the best


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