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Summer, oh summer!

Full of life, beauty, smiles, love, books, and sunbathing

That’s what summers are made of…

And of course, all those short excursions to the wonders of your beauty

The strolls along the beach

The hikes in the elegant mountains

The books to stimulate one’s mind

Summer, you’re a breath of fresh air

The song that arouse one’s soul

And gracefully rejuvenate communities

Love, laughter, and happiness are my summer reveries

Addicted society is what we are

So obsessed with beauty and perfection

That we spend all our time picking at our

Imperfections, these are the signs of a sick

Addicted society that we are a part of


Like BeyoncĂ© sings in her song “Pretty It Hurts

A testament to a soulless society

A society so lost in its hunt for perfection

So much that it’s lost touch with reality

Blinded by a fictitious world that has lost its virtues

A society addicted from head to toe is our world


Addicted society: Stop tainting innocent minds

With your iniquitous ways that are nothing but

Detrimental to a beautiful soul that needs to

Flourish in its own skin and see the world beyond

All the surgeries of a sick addicted society

That fell into the trap the fixer that demands

Innocent individuals to prostrate to the rules of

The Addicted society, so ruthless to care about your worth


We’re the addicted society because we have made

Accepted the disease of perfection to rule our lives

We spend everyday of our lives cursing at our imperfections

We pinpoint little things that make use who we are as individuals

And want to fix them because we are addicted to perfection

A disease so dangerous that it’s claiming our own identity

Because the disease has distorted our mind to a point

Where we have succumbed to the ways of an addicted society


The obsession of a size zero and flawless skin is what lugs a

Pure soul to the gloomy ditches of the unfulfilled society

The importance of being different is lost


And our eyes can’t see true beauty and appreciate it

Addicted society: A society so intoxicated with

The idea of beauty and perfection

Addicted society with no dignity to the self


It’s time to snap out of the fixation to perfection

Embrace the person that you’re and be happy

No one has the right to corrupt your mind

Sick ways to treat your body because nothing is wrong

With who you are as a person, just be you and

Be that extraordinary individual and shut down

The noises of an unrealistic addicted society





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