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Addicted society is what we are

So obsessed with beauty and perfection

That we spend all our time picking at our

Imperfections, these are the signs of a sick

Addicted society that we are a part of


Like Beyoncé sings in her song “Pretty It Hurts

A testament to a soulless society

A society so lost in its hunt for perfection

So much that it’s lost touch with reality

Blinded by a fictitious world that has lost its virtues

A society addicted from head to toe is our world


Addicted society: Stop tainting innocent minds

With your iniquitous ways that are nothing but

Detrimental to a beautiful soul that needs to

Flourish in its own skin and see the world beyond

All the surgeries of a sick addicted society

That fell into the trap the fixer that demands

Innocent individuals to prostrate to the rules of

The Addicted society, so ruthless to care about your worth


We’re the addicted society because we have made

Accepted the disease of perfection to rule our lives

We spend everyday of our lives cursing at our imperfections

We pinpoint little things that make use who we are as individuals

And want to fix them because we are addicted to perfection

A disease so dangerous that it’s claiming our own identity

Because the disease has distorted our mind to a point

Where we have succumbed to the ways of an addicted society


The obsession of a size zero and flawless skin is what lugs a

Pure soul to the gloomy ditches of the unfulfilled society

The importance of being different is lost


And our eyes can’t see true beauty and appreciate it

Addicted society: A society so intoxicated with

The idea of beauty and perfection

Addicted society with no dignity to the self


It’s time to snap out of the fixation to perfection

Embrace the person that you’re and be happy

No one has the right to corrupt your mind

Sick ways to treat your body because nothing is wrong

With who you are as a person, just be you and

Be that extraordinary individual and shut down

The noises of an unrealistic addicted society






Today it’s a new day I’m yet to concur, despite all the bumps and bruises I have endured on my way towards a career change, I’m still standing strong than ever. I reckon that all my experiences and failures are symbolic in this journey of mine.

Today I will soldier on and face this nice sunny day, I promise myself not to falter in any way. I will do my part as a responsible citizen of the world, because I am strong and ambitious.

Today is a whole different day with new challenges to face, but nothing scares me anymore, nothing shakes away my confidence, nothing has the power to bend my beautiful mind in some twisted form, because I am strong and ambitious like a soldier ready to concur the enemy.

Yep! That’s my take on life and nothing will ever deter me from reaching the goals I have set for myself.




As I rolled out of bed with my eyes barely open, I reached to my phone and saw I had a missed call. Listening to the message, I felt a pinging pain in my throat, that’s when it hit me that things were getting worse than I thought. In that instant, I realized it was about my student loans. Its time to start paying up my loans. Oh crap! I don’t even have a job yet in the industry I went to school for. It’s really been an extreme challenge searching for a job as communication graduate. Every employer wants you to have some form of experience, especially in the field of social medial strategist/content writer. How in the hell am I going to get experience if you don’t hire and train me? It’s such an absurd way to punish people with skills who can help your company reach to great heights.

To all you employers, sometimes you ought to be open-minded, because you never know what kind of employees you are missing out on by letting your egos in the way of dictating talent. Just to let you know, I too, I’m very determined to make things happen.

When will my breakthrough come?

This question, has been roaming through my head. To tell the truth, I feel like I’m standing on the dark side of the bridge, where everything is so blurry and murky. Standing still as I watch the others cross over to the other side of the bridge where it all bright and promising, it’s a scary and deflating feeling. It is time for me to crossover too, I need to utilize my knowledge and skills I gained from the University of Washington, I will certainly keep on pushing until doomsday is over.


Life is like the motion of  waves on water that sometimes flows in harmony like a complete soul, but sometimes the waves would lose its direction and flow all over the place. It may take the shape of a vicious monster determined to rid of anything coming its way. Despite all the uncertainties of life’s trials, do not give in, but expostulate any kind of obstacles standing your way.

As I sit here, I’m reminded that life is not always a straight beautiful line. It is, however, a puzzle with pieces scattered all over the place and sometimes these pieces can be scattered miles and miles away. Therefore, it is our responsibility to dodge those violent waves and reach out to those puzzle pieces and try to figure out which order the go, if you are able to do this, then you are on your way to figure out the story of your life. You are indeed the sole author of your life story, come on, get on it! There is no time to waste anymore, because I do believe that you are capable of an amazing journey.

Although you will be succumbed by fear and doubt as you attempt to embark on this life changing journey. You need to remember that it really takes hard work and perseverance to get to where you want to be in your lifetime. Whatever you do, do not pay attention to negative feedback, because no matter what, you will encounter those people who will try their hardest to discourage you in any way they can. Remain hardheaded and don’t entertain any of their negative advice, keep at it and hold your head high, because I know you have it in you to get to where you deserve to be in your life.

Get up and do something today, it starts with small changes to get to where you want to be. If it feels like your life is too tumultuous, don’t give up yet. However, it is important to realize that this trying period of your life is just teaching you to be strong and stay focused. This trial period will eventually calm down and a new light of possibilities will present itself, and then you will be able to celebrate your blood and sweat you endured along the way. Keep on believing and continue to live on, laugh and love!


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