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With time: Seasons change, so do we

Yesterday’s Fall brings today’s Spring

Boosting the trees with bountiful green leaves

A signal of growth and new beginnings


Seasons change as with time, so do our goals

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a new day

Like trees we get winded by the harsh weather

Of each season, but with deep roots and great stamina

We endure to live another day and don’t give up


Seasons change and in time our aspirations

Open the gates of the astronomical zeal to stand strong

The strength bestowed on us from the very beginning

Because we are on a special journey to a great destiny

Tomorrow is a step closer to quench our thirsty


Seasons change and yesterday’s mistake is history

Tomorrow is the future waiting to be discovered

Tomorrow is a new day bundled with

Blissful sweet smells to rock your world

Because when seasons change, you change too




Alderwood Mall


She glides across the room

Waving her hands in the air

Her walk exudes confidence

Her smile lights up the room

It’s a glee moment


It’s a glee moment to see people like her

It’s glee moment to be in the presence

Of people who see the good in others

It’s a glee moment to be the one

Putting smiles back on people’s faces


It’s a glee moment to be the dose of joy

It’s a glee moment be the one able

To light up the whole room

It’s a glee moment to look at life

In a positive way and keep moving along


It’s a glee moment to overcome

All the lows of life and just

Keep on gliding with confidence

All the way to the finish line

With a wide smile that makes every moment

A glee moment





Drive: drive on to your destination

Oh, look ahead of you

You got a green light

The signal for your clear path

Go on and cruise through traffic


Along the way, you will be tested

Just drive on and roll your windows down

Pay less attention to the cacophony around you

Just drive

Your destination awaits


With your cruise control on

Drive without fear

Because you are in control and

Your destination awaits

With your eyes on the road

Drive because you are capable


Put your foot on the pedal and

Shut off all the buzzing traffic around you

You are in control

Be the champion and drive on


Drive, drive, drive on

Don’t pay attention to anyone trying

To cut you off along the way

Focus on getting to your destination

Drive with all that eager in you



Drive with tenacity and

Pay no attention to road rage

Just drive and don’t be derailed

By the insatiable driver

Just drive and drive on

Until you get to your destination






Blossom like a beautiful flower that you are

Your beauty transcends all ages

You radiate positivity everywhere you go

Whatever you touch blossoms like a beautiful flower

Because your aesthetic is beyond words


You’re beautiful inside and out

You bear flowers with a pungent fragrance

Because you alone, can blossom and influence others


Blossom, oh you wonder of beauty

Butterflies flock to you all the time

You are the flower that everyone wishes to be

Blossom, oh you wonder of beauty


Blossom, blossom and turn despondency

Into blissfulness

Your worth is unmeasurable

Blossom, blossom, and continue to blossom all the way!




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