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Rolling out of bed to the sound of chirping birds

I realized its a morning of a new dawn

Promising the adventure of nature

That awaits to be embraced by all who pay attention to the marvels of our surroundings

I walk towards the window and peer out to the bright morning sun

That baths the earth with its motherly warmth

In that moment my skin tingles with the appreciation of life

Here in this moment I live to see the day

Here in this moment I rejoice and take advantage of what I have

Here in this moment I cherish the love of family and friends

Here in this moment I will enjoy the pleasures of my life

And above all, I will spread the fragrance of love like the spring rose to all who need to be loved


Cherry Bossom@UW Campus

Beautiful cherry blossoms

Majestically you stand, just like the king and queen you are.

Your presence triggers my heart to realize what love is all about

It’s gentle, warm and beautiful like cherry blossoms

Twinkling with light in the night

While glowing with sparks of inspiration during the day

And bringing forth laughter and the spirit of friendship


Cherry blossoms, you spring along everlasting amusement in all humanity.

Keep on blossoming and cheering all the tender hearted…


Laughter is such a relief

It soothes my pain to the core

Like the calm waters, it allows to flow with happiness

Laughter lights up my day

It propels me in the right direction

Laughter is like this precious jewel to me

I wanna laugh all the time and share its light

Even in the midst of depressing times

I always find strength in my laughter

It gives me a positive outlook on life

I wanna share my laughter with you

Kick that stinky mood you are in today and laugh a little

Live, laugh, love!


Buoyant about what awaits ahead

I courageously take the wheel

And drive into the red sunset

To fill my tank with springs of wisdom


I peer through my rearview mirror

And see the fragile imagery of me

Crumbling down into the heat of summer

Wiping sweat from my somber brows


Today I put my foot on the pedal

And accelerate to new heights

Leaving all of my yesterday

Submerged in the rearview mirror


I joyously sigh for relief

Suddenly sparks the realization of a utopian destiny

Where pain and hatred is foreign

But love prevails and shines like the red sunset








Jolly flowers, waving at me with an endearing love

The kind of love for all who seek and cherish it

But it only takes a few to stop in their tracks and

Notice thy beauty filled with abundance love

It only takes a few to feed and satisfy their dispirited vases


Oh jolly flowers, you are more than plants to me

You are the forceful spirit of joy transforming those

Who come into contact with you and breathe love into faces

Your colorful blooms feed the desires of the heart


Jolly flowers:

You may come in different forms, but your beauty is

Everywhere, and I know right here in front of me

I’m not just peering at pretty purple jolly flowers

I am actually standing in your magnificent presence

Filled with astounding love for all


Jolly flower, you warm my heart with a tingling sensation

Running through my body and gracing me with a sweet

Aroma permeating through the air I breath and filling my vase

With bountiful love to share with others as I blissfully snuggle in

Your awesome love and kindness

Thy endless love bestowed by you  pretty jolly flowers

Sitting here alone in my living room, I take a deep sigh as I reflect on what I have gone through for the last year and a half, when my husband left me. I was afraid, but I did not yield to fear. Instead I dug deep inside and found the strength I never knew I had. This tough time did not break me, it only made me stronger, and I am proud of the woman I am today.

Yes, this deep sigh is a sign of relief, I know that in time of adversity, it is important to stand tall and go on with your life and figure out the right puzzles that will make your life better than before. Remember to just live, laugh, and love!IMG_1058IMG_2287


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