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Today, I choose gratitude over fear

Today, I choose to be grateful for my life

Even when life is becoming more fragile due to viruses of darkness

I still stand in gratitude for this beautiful earth and all its glory

I stand in gratitude to experience the awakening of the human spirit

I’m so so grateful for what the universe is positioning all mankind to experience today

Grateful for my family, friends, and all sorts of people I come across in my everyday life

And with gratitude as my pillar I choose to see the good in others.



I have known times filled with laughter

I have known days decorated in beautiful colors

I have known days adorned with amazing sunsets

I have known sounds of birds chirping in the neighborhood

I have known days filled with the sight of kids playing in the backyard

But today, those familiars sounds are so far-fetched

They are memories of a happy past

A past I long to get back to after this arduous storm

Oh I have known of days so kind and rich to my soul

I have known days as bright as the sun

I have known days of adventure

I have known days filled with strength and drive

I long to wake up from this storm and embrace the space of calmness

A storm that has stolen all my good memories and replaced them with dark cold ones

A storm so unfriendly that it has shaken my core beliefs

I have known days, yes beautiful days of my happy life.



I reconcile my yesterday with my today

And continue my quest of life’s new discoveries

In a world covered with traces of winter snow

The night is still, dark, and lurks with shadows of the dead

The air is dry and unkind to the senses

My body longs for sprinkles of rain

It longs for the purity of air to touch my lungs

For my borrowed times are closing in


I dream of the beautiful rainbow up in the sky

Looking down on earth with a biggest smile

Capable of releasing the chains of doubt

Possessed by the heart filled with revenge upon the other

But the rainbow, only the rainbow will breathe kindness to all

Bringing laughter where there was none

And fulfill the cause of togetherness

For my borrowed times near


Today, I propel forward with all my mighty

To find solace in the calm summer rain

Pouring down on my body

Drenching every inch of my body

Still, I stand in reminiscence of the midday summer

Of yesterday when the sunshine sent sparks of heat

All through my joints

Awaking memories of laughter and kindness


Borrowed times are a reminder to cease the day

And live with a purpose to rekindle the heart

Because nothing is big enough to impede my journey

Not even the heat will slow me down

As I reconcile my yesterday with my today

While I march forward to my tomorrow

With a new insight on life

For my borrowed times are on the verge of lapsing






Drifting off from sleep

My body quivers with fear

My heart pounds like thunder

I’m still disoriented, I ask myself:

Where am I?

Sweat drips down my face

I’m still lost in the nightmares

Of last night’s dream

When my world was swallowed by tiny

Alien creatures


Slowly, I adjust my eyes to reality

Only to find myself in bed

A sigh of relief washes over my face

As I try hard to forget my night mare

I plant my feet on the bedroom floor

And walk over to my window

I stand still to gather my thoughts

While peering through the window

I realize just how beautiful

The early mornings are

They are adorned with magnificent sounds of bird songs

The early morning breeze blows calmly over my face

Shaking-off the troubles of my dreams

In and out, I exhale

As I breath-in the early morning fresh air





Sleeping beauty laying next to me

You look so peaceful right now

Your face is calm like a baby

Your breathing is rhythmic

But your mind and soul

Traverses to strange places


Sleeping beauty

You wear a carefree face

All your worries are cast aside

As you linger to worlds unknown

Your body jerks with every new discoveries

You see in your dreams


Sleeping beauty

You smile in your sleep

You desert the outside world

As you roam to an intangible world of dreamers


Sleeping beauty

You’re adorable and powerless at the same time

You lay there like a baby

But your body is left vulnerable

To a world of unrest


Sleeping beauty

Escape into your dreams

I will stay watch

And ensure safety of your peaceful body

Till you join me back

I will wait peacefully for you




She wrote:

“You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies

You may tread me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll arise” Maya Angelou


Indeed she arises at daybreak with luminous hues of love and care

She may be gone, but her name will be a song of a blissful daybreak

Her legendary time on earth was nothing but a breath of fresh air


At daybreak sounds of acclamation for her work will echo the mountains

With African drum beats striking the earth she walked on with runes of salutation

About her exit from the physical world onto the spiritual world of the ethereal

People will gather and dance to the sounds of the drums


And dust shall lift from the ground like a whirlwind

As people stamp their feet making a thudding sound and sending shivers to the body

Hips ‘ll move in unison like a poet spits her words in lyrical verse that arouses the soul


loud accreditation of her work ‘ll resound in from one corner to the next

Her words so strong like a pipeline of dreams sending a burning desire to arise


At daybreak water ‘ll flow down the stream onto tributaries of hope and love for the hollow heart

It will whisper songs of hope and strength to rise up and shake down the ills of yesterday

And give many a renewed chance to claim a place at the high table of filled with love

Because love overshadows darkness with a tickled daybreak and brings forth a new beginning




Life goes on and so should you

Never waste any second of your life dwelling on what could have been

Instead, get your fit on the ground and be the conductor of your life

Don’t snooze and wake up tomorrow with grey hair wondering what happened

To the green pasture you once set your eyes on


Life goes on and you are the determinant factor of which direction to take

You’re the filler of your life


You’re the star in your life’s journey

You’re the headliner and your duty is to keep your storyline unforgettable

Trudge onto the path of twinkling stars of the heavens and leave your name

Inscribed into the book of legends of tomorrow


Life goes on and will never slow down for those who drag their feet

Life is like a bot of lightening traveling at 180 miles an hour

Defining you with all its twists and turns that tempt your patience

Don’t allow life leave you in the shadows of darkness

But be the commander of your life all through the trajectory of light


As life goes on, pick yourself up and gather your colors to paint your life

You’re the canvas and let those brilliant colors splash endless colors of beauty

That portray the person you’re and not what others what you to become


Scribble your life story in the book of liveliness

As a character of your book, write poignant lines of your life

And make it interesting, grab the attention of others and be a window of inspiration

Because your life is a book that will either be read or be discarded in flames

Life goes on, you better grab on and run with it








I will soar to new heights with gratitude, like an eagle

I’ll spread my endearing smile and shower it down unto you

I’ll plant the seed of kindness to the spiteful, soulless individual

With kindness, the veil of maliciousness shall be lifted


You may rain on my parade

You may come at me with your viciousness

You may try to bring me down to your level

You may try to inject your venom in me

But kindness will revert your vices back to you


I will vaporize your icy attitude with kindness

I will replace your bitter heart with kindness

And you will realize that there is more to life than stay blue


Today, I choose kindness as my weapon of choice

I’ll debunk your bitterness with kindness

Because kindness is my weapon of choice





Jolly flowers, waving at me with an endearing love

The kind of love for all who seek and cherish it

But it only takes a few to stop in their tracks and

Notice thy beauty filled with abundance love

It only takes a few to feed and satisfy their dispirited vases


Oh jolly flowers, you are more than plants to me

You are the forceful spirit of joy transforming those

Who come into contact with you and breathe love into faces

Your colorful blooms feed the desires of the heart


Jolly flowers:

You may come in different forms, but your beauty is

Everywhere, and I know right here in front of me

I’m not just peering at pretty purple jolly flowers

I am actually standing in your magnificent presence

Filled with astounding love for all


Jolly flower, you warm my heart with a tingling sensation

Running through my body and gracing me with a sweet

Aroma permeating through the air I breath and filling my vase

With bountiful love to share with others as I blissfully snuggle in

Your awesome love and kindness

Thy endless love bestowed by you  pretty jolly flowers




I wake to a new  luscious spring day

Bursting with delicious fresh smells of spring

Permeating my space and making my nostrils

Tickle with a tender sensation like a pianist tickling the ivories


I hear the buzzing sounds of  bees celebrating

This Luscious spring day filled with fragrances

Ready to impregnate the singing bees with the

Wonders of the luscious sweet nectar


Pouring from the swells of the very succulent

Vibrant colorful spring flowers shimmering with

A glow so bright it burns my eyes with sweet love

Leaving my knees weak to escape the luscious spring







I hear the birds sing in different tunes



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